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The Lester Vaughan School is a secondary institution designed and constructed to serve students who are over eleven (11) years of age. Founded in October 1997, it was originally known as the St. Thomas Secondary School. On January 8, 1999, it was officially opened and renamed The Lester Vaughan School, in honour of Mr. Lester Vaughan a former principal of the Holy Innocents Primary School. Mr. Vaughan also taught in St. Lucia for ten (10) years and served as a headmaster, while there. He was trained at Booker T. Washington Tuskegee Institute in the U.S.A. He also served as an Education Officer in Barbados until retirement in 1970. This prominent educator, Mr. Vaughan, also wrote the National Pledge of Barbados and promoted the use of bottles as a musical instrument.

The first staff and students of the school were those of the former St. Leonard’s Girls’ School, which was closed in 1997. In addition, a complement of boys was admitted to the school in the First Forms when it was opened in 1997, thus making the school a coeducational institution.

The spacious campus is located at Cane Garden, St. Thomas on an elevated site which overlooks the south of Barbados and provides a panoramic view of this section of the island. Due to its elevated position the compound is cooled all year round by refreshing winds and is therefore very conducive to studying and learning.

This school is a short distance away from the rapidly expanding commercial area at Warrens, St. Michael and is well served by buses from the Transport Board.

Lester Vaughan is the most recent secondary institution to be built in Barbados and boasts of some of the best facilities of any school in the Caribbean. It caters to approximately 1000 students with a committed teaching and support staff of approximately 88 persons.

This combination of a committed staff, an attractive site and excellent facilities has resulted in a school which is well suited to provide for the needs of all its students. Parents/guardians therefore can be confident that their children/wards are being well taken care of when they have gained entry to The Lester Vaughan School.

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